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joins RGR Sponsors
MARCH 2, 2007 Anaheim, CA
RGR is very happy to announce that MOORE PARTS SOURCE of Anaheim, CA is signed as a product and
component sponsor for the RGR Class 2 1600 team. One of the largest retailers of VW and off - road parts,
MOORE parts source ads can be found in the leading related publications every month. No less than 6 full
pages of parts from  woodruff keys  to full engines, induction, wheels and paddle tires are listed at
affordable prices.  Available through mail and phone orders or on their web site  
They also have a very successful walk in business in Anaheim, CA.
A full off-road line including turn key  Desert Dynamic cars are available.
This is not the first time that Billy Shaw's company has been involved with RGR.  In  2000 the MOORE
PARTS .com logo was displayed on the Collier & Radke fuel funny car and the Nitro Bandit funny car as
well. Both driven by Radke.      
Radke and Graham couldn't be happier..."This is exciting news" claims Radke " Billy has been a great
friend of ours over the years and we can't thank him enough for his contribution to the team and our guys.
It means alot to us to keep this association with MOORE PARTS going throughout another form of racing,
we hope we will do him proud".  
We hope you will visit the MOOREPARTS. com web site and support those who support us.
RGR Take delivery of a proven winner.
Jan. 2007
The next and biggest step toward getting to the dirt was taken this month with the purchase of the former
1/2 1600 2 seater race car of  M.O.R.E points champ Lorenzo Rodriguez and team owner Al Nocita of
DALCORP Racing. The car that has been driven to many successful finishes including a finish in the
SCORE Baja 1000, by team DALCORP, was purchased complete, Less motor.
Before RGR took delivery the Lothringer built  car was  freshened up for the season, including a new WR
Racing transmission- 091 gearbox and completely rebuilt suspension components and shock absorbers.
Plans for a new RANCHO VW 1600 legal motor and a fresh paint scheme are in the works.
RGR Team up with DALCORP Racing.
Feb. 2007
RGR is excited to announce that The DALCORP Racing team have welcomed the newcomers to join them
this season as a team car. Lorenzo Rodriguez, a SCORE Baja 1000 Class winner, and team owner Al Nocita
have offered to share their pits, communications, GPS and pre-run data and invaluable knowledge with
Radke and Graham in an effort to help get the team familiar to the sport and hopefully expedite their
Al Nocita is optomistic of the upstart team's  future. In an Email to Scott Graham Nocita wrote...  " I did
notice that Radke IS a little excited about this project.  It still cracks me up that two guys who have run top
fuel are this excited about a little off road adventure....but you're right about finishing that first race....it will
feel like you've won the Baja 1000.  And to be honest, you guys will run good and probably be pretty
competitive out of the box because you understand what it takes to win and how to win.  It ain't always
about being the fastest and you both already understand that.  A lot of guys say they do until they get in the
Teaming up with a proven winner is a huge asset. The team has plans to order  the identical electronics ,
(radios, GPS  etc.) used by Rodriguez and company.  
March 7, 2006
It's no secret that we think a lot of Marty Fiolka and how much he has done to introduce us to Off - Road
racing So naturally we would hope for his endorsement in our effort. Recently we contacted him and asked
him for his thoughts on our new effort and offered him a driver slot if we make it to the Baja 1000. Marty's
kind words were more than we could have asked for. In an email addressed to Scott and Wyatt,
Marty wrote :
"In recent years, I have been extremely blessed to have worked on such projects as launching Dirt Sports
magazine and producing the film Dust to Glory. In 2006, I had the good fortune to manage Dirt Sports
magazine's first ever Baja Charity Run at the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000.

One of the charity cars we were running was a little Class 11 VW sedan that would eventually be
sponsored by EMPI. It was there that I met Wyatt Radke, a man that would soon become a good friend.
While the charity run was great, introducing both Wyatt and his brother Scoots to the sport and race I love
so very much was the highlight of 2006 for me, both personally and professionally.
I hope to help the new RGR team reach its goals in 2007, and plan to join the team in some capacity at the
Baja 1000 in November.

Wyatt and Scoots, welcome to the off-road racing brotherhood. It's great to have you asphalt guys getting
dirty with the rest of the Dirt Nation!
Vaya con Dios,

Marty Fiolka
Editorial Director, Dirt Sports Magazine
Associate Producer, Dust to Glory
Honorary Team Member, RGR Racing

Thank you Marty!! For everything!   
DIRTSPORTS magazine / Dust To Glory's, Marty Fiolka Brings support and friendship
to RGR - becomes Honorary Team member.  
MARCH, 23, 2007
Anyone who has owned a VW powered vehicle in southern california, sand car, race car, street car or
otherwise, has heard of Anthony Vaughn's RANCHO VW / Import in Rancho Cucamonga. For over a decade
RANCHO, located at 8320 Foothilll Blvd, has had the reputation for turning out quality performance engines
and cars. And now RGR is excited to announce that RANCHO has agreed to sponsor the team and complete
the final assembly of the team's 1600 race motor. With this latest addition to the growing list of credtded
members, RGR is rapidly becoming a quality race team. The motor will be finished in time for pre-race
testing.  You can view RANCHO'S contact ad on our sponsor appreciation page
RANCHO VW Signs on as a Sponsor
1600 legal motor near completion
Collier & Radke FC at Spokane, wa.
April 18, 2007
With the month of May and their first race rapidly approaching, Veteran Nitro drag race crew member and
car owner Kevin Collier of
COLLIER Racing,  has committed to help fund RGR and get the guys out there
This is not the first time that Collier,  A long time friend of Radke and Graham's,  has put his vinyl logo on
the side of  an RGR project.  The relationship goes back as far as 1994 when Collier was bit by the racing
bug working on the Nitro Bandit fuel funny car. He has been involved with fuel racing ever since including
owning his own fuel funny car driven by Radke.  So it isn't too surprising to hear that Collier Racing is
willing to give RGR a little  helping hand with  their new racing endeavor. Whether or not Kevin is willing to
climb in for a Co-Ride remains to be seen.
Also as an added fun fact, Kevin is the proud Dad of Kyle Collier- one of the classroom kids on FOX's "Are
you smarter than a 5th grader? game show.   
Nitro Racer
Collier Joins RGR
It's Official!  RGR to compete in 2007 TECATE SCORE  BAJA1000!
Fiolka will be Team Driver - Brings BF Goodrich Support.  
April 21, 2007 Lancaster, ca....CORR Race
With a smile and a handshake, veteran BAJA racer, co-producer of DUST TO GLORY and Dirtsports
editorial director
Marty Fiolka confirmed today that he will drive the final leg of the 40th  TECATE SCORE
BAJA 1000 this year with RGR and will bring in BF Goodrich support for the race.

Up to now the team had hoped to run the race but have been realistic knowing that it will take a lot of things
to come together for that to happen, finances, equipment, preparation and support all have to be
addressed. Now with Fiolka's commitment it can happen. Along with BF Goodrich's pit and product support,
the veteran driver brings priceless course knowledge and  over 17 years of driving experience.
The plan to run the May M.O.R.E race is still the goal and testing will start as soon as the RANCHO built
1600 motor is in the car. From there the team will continue to test and prepare for the 1000.

None of would be possible without all of the help we have gotten so far from all of our sponsors...DALCORP
There is still alot to do before the first race but
Team RGR is up to the task!.... WE ARE EXCITED!!!
April 28,2007  As the old saying goes "to finish first, you must first finish" - well the only way you can
assure yourself of this is to have a quality race car with dependable parts. With the addition of BONACO
Fittings and BDR
Racing, wiring and components RGR has taken another step toward making sure that is a
For years now
BONACO hoses and fittings in Upland, Ca has been the leader in quality steel braided AN
lines and aluminum fittings. Tom's components have been on every type of vehicle imaginable- circle
track, drag race, open wheel, off-road, sand- you name it,  BONACO is on it. from  nitro to gas these are the
best you can buy  for plumbing a race car. And now with help from Tom, Cathy and the gang, Team RGR
will have the confidence to head out on a 1000 mile trek knowing that everything is right in the plumbing
BDR Racing and Brian Dauge's sponsorship help is the much needed and often overlooked area of
wiring and electrical components. It doesn't take much to leave a race car stranded out in the dark in the
middle of BAJA with a simple short somewhere in the car. With BDR's craftmanship this won't happen.
Brian has been in the industry for years and has prepared hundreds of cars for off-road races. From
Trophy-Trucks to Class 11 beetles, BDR makes sure that the lights, GPS, radios, ignition, circuit breakers
and everything with voltage going through them are properly wired and secured.
Help from these two new sponsors gives us at Team RGR added confidence in our race car
You can link to both of their websites from the sponsor appreciation page
top left - the guys put the finishing touches on the motor installation   top right- Ready to race.  
Bottom left- Scott returns from a test drive, sure there's no dust but it was fun anyway! Bottom right- the
crew enjoy a cold beer and a little Champagne. Left to right
Scott Hall, Chris Dakin, Scott Graham, Wyatt
Radke (Champagne in hand), Rick Warren and Jeff Diebolt.
You can click on the photos for a larger view.
July 22, Alta Loma, CA- Jeff Diebolts -
It may not have been Barstow or Ensenada but on Sunday the TEAM RGR race car came to life and headed
up the street under it's own power for the very first time! The entire RGR team was there to celebrate the
occasion including co-owner Scott Graham and team member Chris Dakin, the 2 had flown in from Ohio
earlier in the day.
On Saturday the motor was picked up from Anthony Vaughn's RANCHO VW shop  In Rancho Cucamonga
and the team  prepped the motor and car for the final installation. With everything installed, lines hooked
up and fluids poured in Jeff Diebolt pushed the starter button and the lil' 1600 came to life. Very little
adjusting to the timing and carburetor were needed and within the hour the 1  2 1600 Lothringer race car
headed around the block. The team took turns making laps and even a few of the wives took a ride. It was
a great day filled with smiles, high fives and laughs.
Now it's on to racing. As soon as the new tires arrive and are mounted up on the MOORE PARTS
Furnished Centerline wheels, it's off to Lucerne for some weekend testing.