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Scott Graham - "Scoots" - Team co-owner- Driver
Scoots is ready for the season to begin. Now based in Ohio, the team co-owner
will have to put in some air miles to make most of the races but those won't be
anything compared to the hours he'll be putting in behind the wheel,  being
bounced around during a 500 mile off-road event.
Wyatt Radke - "Rad" - Team co- owner - Driver
Rad can't wait to drive his new hot rod. Most of his time right now, is being
spent  preparing the car and trying to line up sponsorship help. Plus putting
in his  regular hours at EMPI. Getting into the car will be relaxing compared
to all of  that.
Rick Warren - Co Driver- Crew member
Rick Warren is the teams most versitle  member. An accomplished welder,
fabricator and professional painter as well. Rick has spent several years as a
crew member on Bob Baldwins Top Fuel car.  His help on the team is
invaluable. Rick is also a sand rail enthusiast, having just finished his new
mid-engine sand car just before New Years, the car made it's first trip to the
Glamis Dunes and ran the entire weekend without a problem. Unique for a
brand new car. Rick's wife Jodi and daughter Nicole enjoyed the weekend as
Chris Dakin  Co Driver - Crew Member
Chris is no stranger to speed,  competition and Off-Roading. A licensed A/Fuel
dragster driver and an avid Duner on high powered Quads in the Michigan sand
dunes and , most recently the dunes of Glamis,  Chris should fit right into his
role as co-driver. Chris, a native Ohioan will be making the treks in the air from
Tipp City to the west coast along with Scott Graham.
Scott  Hall Co-Driver - Crew Member
Scott is an accomplished Super Comp Dragster driver, running for several
seasons in the NHRA division 7 sportsman division. He has also served as a
crew member on Nitro cars as well. As with all of our other members, Scott is
an avid Duner and enjoys his weekends in the Glamis dunes in his turbo
charged 4-seat long travel sand car. Scott is ready to get out there and make
our own dust as a co-driver and working crew-member.  Scott has 2
daughters, Lesley and Kaitlyn and is in a committed relationship with girlfriend
Rick Warren - Co Driver- Crew member
Tommy Faust Co-Driver - Crew Member
Rick Warren - Co Driver- Crew member
Jeff Diebolt Co-Driver - Crew Member
Tommy's accomplishment's in drag racing have found him in an  NHRA
national event winners circle on 3 different occasions- twice with the NY
Yankees TF car and once with the Clapshaw FC. Although he is modest about
it Tommy is considered on of the best clutch guys in the business.  But it was
his wife Cindy's love for the sand that has him hooked on going to the Dunes.
The proud new owners of another long travel 4 seater the couple from
Downey, CA are a great new addition to our sand group. Tommy is as
enthusiastic as the rest of us about this new racing adverture  
Jeff has known the brothers for close to 20 years, both working together at an
auto parts chain store and racing together. Whether it was duning, at Glamis or
doing the clutch on the Chicago Trapper or Bobby Baldwins TF car Jeff and the
guys always seem to find things to do together. On the dune weekends you can
usually find Jeff's wife Debbie and son Cameron riding through the dunes in
their Tatum 4- seater. Jeff is looking forward to sharing the ride in the new
1600 car with the guys.
Alta and Jerry Graham- Mom and Dad- Crew support - Parents - Fan Club
Mom and Dad are the ones who started it all, along with mom's Dad and
brother Wayland Gillespie, junior and senior- our Uncle and late Grandfather. If
it weren't for them who knows if we ever would have found the dirt and sand.
Our parents have been our biggest fans throughout all of our racing efforts and
have been  involved as much as they can be, traveling to many of the races
over the years and lending a hand whenever possible.  Our new racing effort
will be no different, The folks will be in the chase vehicle and pitching in at the
pit stops- and who knows there might even be a slot open for a Co-driver once
in a while.  
Mom, Dad and