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Radke, Dust to Glory's Mike "Mouse" McCoy
and Graham  at the Horsepower Ranch Baja 1000
pre-race party
Radke with the "ELF" on the grid at the 2006
SCORE Baja 1000
Scoots and Radke with Sal Fish
SCORE President
More photos coming as soon as we find
something fun!!
Eric Medlen
A fellow racer
will be
The calm before the party at Horsepower
Ranch BAJA 1000 2006
Last minute thrash on the "ELF" at Horsepower
Ranch BAJA 1000 2006
Scoots on the grid race day with the "ELF"
BAJA 1000 2006
Scoots takes  walk on the starting line before the
Trophy Trucks take to the course BAJA1000 2007
The famous TECATE Girls, there for every
starter at the BAJA 1000, A sight we can't wait
to see.
RGR team member Scott Hall having some fun at
Scott and
Team RGR at play in the dunes  all photos courtesy of         ABOUTFACE IMAGERY
Jeff Diebolt decides to test his
suspension! (see below)
Scoots power slides the turbo blue car
Rad wheelstands his green car as usual
Scoots and Emma Jean head up
Snow's Bowl
BFG Pits, Bay of L.A. checkpoint waiting for the
"ELF" at sunrise
THE LANDING..This shot was after it had bottomed out  the suspension and
bounced back up. As a tribute to the TATUM car, Jeff drove the car for the rest of the
weekend. The car received some minor repairs to the shock mounts and a few broken
pieces were replaced. The passenger managed to hold onto his shades.