A little about us, Scott Graham And Wyatt Radke.

Our team is based out of Alta Loma just 45 miles east of L.A. in Southern California.

Although we don't share the same last name we are brothers from the same parents - Scott chose
to take Our stepfather, Jerry Graham's last name early on in life. And we can both tell you that Jerry
is our  Dad.
Wyatt started his love affair with racing when he was still in elementary school. His first love was
drag racing and living in Baldwin Park near Irwindale raceway before moving to Alta Loma,  he
attended the races every chance he got. He eventually got his first job there.
Along with this, Wyatt and Scott's family were Dune buggy enthusiasts, going to the Pismo, Glamis or
Dumont sand dunes on most holidays. The family had a 5 seat Corvair powered buggy that hauled
Wyatt, Scott and Sister Wanda around the dunes in fine fashion. Scott was only 3 years old when he
was riding in the back seat. So as you can see, off roading has always been in their blood.

In the early 1980's Wyatt was highly involved with Sand Drag racing, as both a driver and a crew
chief on several alcohol and nitro funny cars and dragsters.  Radke did double duty most of the time,
crew chief on one or two cars and then climbing into a fuel funny car as the driver all at the same
event. Wyatt was rewarded for his efforts  by winning 3-World Championships driving Dean Shaw's
"Outlaw" fuel Funny car.

As the years went by Both Wyatt and Scott pursued our passion- Professional Drag Racing. Paired  
together we raced  for several years in the Nitro Funny Car Ranks, at both NHRA and IHRA events and
countless match races around the country.  Radke did the driving while Graham honed his skills as a
Crew Chief.
During our times when we raced together,  we  raced with The Trapper Racing funny car, Johnny
West, and the  Western Racing Top Fuel Dragster as driver and Crew Chief.

We also had several individual efforts as well, Bobby Baldwin, the Nitro Bandit, Pat Dakin, Frank
Pedregon and the Chi-Town Hustler are all teams that Radke or Graham have tuned or Driven for.

In 1992 we proved to ourselves and others that we have the knowledge to field our own team by
taking the Trapper Racing Probe Fuel Funny car on tour for the entire season with little or no financial
support from the owner of the operation.
Booking displays, match racing, acquiring local sponsorship, properly managing the funds and
running a safe, efficient race car enabled us to keep the race car on the road the entire season,
racing and keeping the 3 to 4 man crew employed, off of what the race car made.  This experiance
and knowledge will certainly prove to be beneficial with our new Race team.

In addition we have always kept our love for the sand and off-roading alive. We both have always had
sand rails or Atv's and continue to spend our free time when ever possible at the dunes.

In 2006 we had a chance to watch the Dana Brown Film "Dust to Glory" a docmentary style film about
the TECATE SCORE Baja 1000.  The hook was set. A combination of sand and off roading combined
with team racing, this was something we wanted to experiance for ourselves. +
Ironically Wyatt, who is employed by EMPI Inc was approached by on of the films producers, Marty
Fiolka from DirtSports magazine. Marty offered Wyatt and Scott a chance to drive a leg in the 1000 in
the "ELF" class 11 project car. That experiance has brought us to where we are today, putting
together a new race team comprised of our talented and excited  friends and family and looking
forward to a new form of racing.
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Trapper Racing 1992
Western Racing Top Fuel car
1990   Wyatt  (left) and Scott, Two scruffy looking guys  prepare to hit the road full time.
Chicago Trapper Fuel Funny Car
Johnny West's WESCO Racing Fuel Funny Car
The EMPI "Sand Pincher" Sand Car. Assembled
by Scott Graham. Featured on the cover and
inside Hot VWs magazine October 2006 Sand
A day in the dunes with Mom and Dad
Scoots and Rad, Glamis 2007 in the dunes
BUT lets go racing!!
Of course, Special thanks to Mom and Dad